Prism Platform Features

Module Features Standard Premium
Project Management
  • PMO Led Engagements​ (Project Management Office – Client Engagement Team)
  • Add and view up-to-date project information such as testing status, scheduled and historic assessment dates​
  • Add Tags to Projects, Phases and Issues within Prism to improve the filtering of results​
Notifications and Alerts
  • Start and stop notifications​ for tests
  • Dynamic live reporting of Issues​ as they are found
  • Critical/High rated issue alerts
  • Manage Prism notifications and emails
Standard Reports and Analysis
  • Download QA’d PDF and Spreadsheet style reports
  • View the Dashboard and trending analysis of tests performed​
  • View vulnerability data from individual tests covering Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Phishing engagements
User Management
  • Add your colleagues or third parties to Prism
  • Create, View and Edit Scoping Questionnaires within Prism to engage new tests and supply scoping information securely
  • Share Questionnaires with other Prism users for collaboration​
User Permissions
  • Edit user permissions to lock down access to parts of Prism
  • Create your own user roles to match your organisation’s job roles
Vulnerability Management
  • Mark Issues as Remediated to track the progress of remediation
  • Mark Issues as Risk Accepted when the client has to make a risk-based decision
  • Mark Issues as False Positive for any issues you believe are reported incorrectly
  • Mark Hosts or Issues As Suppressed (MVS Only) to tell Prism to stop reporting an issue for a length of time. Useful when decommissioning areas of your network​
  • Assign a Prism User to issues with email alerts for tracking remediation progress within your teams
Ticketing Integrations
  • Prism Integrations, including JIRA and ServiceNow
  • Synchronise Prism issues with your favourite ticketing systems
Compliance Reporting and Analysis
  • Change the statuses of issues in bulk​
  • Add comments against issues for tracking and audit purposes​
  • Set company wide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for your issue severity ratings in order to improve your time-to-remediate​
  • Vulnerability age visibility to identify those areas that need focus
Upload Third Party Reports
  • Functionality to upload any Penetration Testing report together with multiple Vulnerability Assessment scanner output
  • ​Set up external access to Nessus suite of vulnerability assessment tools (Tenable Nessus, Tenable.IO WAS and Tenable.IO VM)
Additional Prism Features
  • Access to future supported file formats for third party importing (currently: Tenable Nessus, Tenable.IO WAS, Tenable.IO VM, Titania Nipper, Rapid 7, Spreadsheet, JSON)
  • Additional layer of security with the inclusion of IP Allow List functionality​

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