Phishing Assessment

Gain intelligence-driven and actionable insight into your organisation’s resilience to phishing attacks with Rootshell Security’s Phishing Assessment.

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Strengthen your security posture

Our phishing simulation assessments offer a powerful way to verify your organisation’s technical defences and processes, ensuring they are effective in preventing phishing attacks

Build an army against the attackers

Your people are your first line of defence. Raise awareness of what a real-life attack would look like, enabling your users to identify a suspicious email and apply security best practice, preventing an attacker from infiltrating your organisation’s network

Improve security awareness training

Phishing simulation attacks improve general awareness of security, by allowing you to measure how effective your security training is and identify areas or people that need additional training

What is a phishing assessment?

Organisations are often breached because an employee falls victim to a phishing attack. A threat actor will launch a phishing attack by sending emails that aim to trick your personnel into divulging confidential information or clicking a link that contains malware.

Rootshell Security’s Phishing Assessment services simulate the entire lifecycle of a phishing attack, so you can test your organisation’s defences at each stage.

We use cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence to demonstrate how a threat actor would exploit public information about your organisation to plan a convincing attack.

We then simulate the attack itself by creating and sending mock phishing emails to agreed targets.

You will gain a clear understanding of your organisation’s ability to defend against a phishing attack; our easy-to-understand reports and continuous guidance will support your next steps.

Phishing assessment benefits

Your personnel are your first line of defence; this makes them prime targets for phishing attacks. Phishing assessments arm you with the insight needed to improve cybersecurity awareness, strengthen your defences, and gain the upper hand.

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Our phishing assessment services

Our Phishing Assessment services test how your organisation would withstand each stage of a phishing attack, from reconnaissance to launch.

View your phishing assessment insights alongside your other threat services

Prism is a vendor-agnostic platform to consolidate and manage penetration testing results, threat intelligence services, phishing assessment data, and traditional vulnerability assessments; allowing you to view your threat landscape and manage remediation within a single pane of glass.

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Why Rootshell’s Phishing Assessment service?

We conduct powerful, intelligence-driven phishing assessments for some of the UK’s largest organisations. Here’s why Rootshell would be your trusted partner for phishing assessments.

How is a phishing assessment service carried out?

  1. Scoping: Our experienced security consultants can help define your objectives and advise which of our Phishing Assessment services would be most suitable. Together, we agree the approach and targets of your phishing assessment, ensuring you have full transparency.
  2. Reconnaissance (Intelligence-led Phishing Assessment only): We use a range of open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gather as much information on your organisation as possible. This could include leaked email addresses to help plan the attack and create convincing emails.
  3. Attack delivery: We create and send phishing emails to the agreed targets. The emails track statistics such as how many people opened the email, how many clicked the link, and who divulged personal information.
  4. Reporting: We deliver a report containing a full breakdown of our findings from your phishing assessment. This includes all the key statistics you need to evaluate your defences. These actionable results will support your next steps and help you measure improvement over time.
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Types of phishing assessments explained

Frequently Asked Questions about phishing assessment

A threat actor launches a phishing attack by sending emails that aim to trick your personnel into divulging confidential information or clicking a link that contains malware. This would enable them to gain access to your organisation and steal sensitive data.

Phishing assessments simulate real-world phishing attacks by sending mock phishing emails to your employees. The emails track whether an employee takes the bait, which tests the strength of an organisation’s defences and evaluates whether training for employees is required.

Rootshell Security go one step further by offering Intelligence-led Phishing Assessments. This demonstrates how a threat actor could exploit publicly available information to plan and launch an attack in the first place.

Social engineering represents cyber attack methods that rely on tricking people. Email phishing is one example of social engineering.

Your personnel are your first line of defence — if they are not suitably trained to identify phishing emails, your organisation could be at serious risk. By carrying out phishing assessment services, you’ll know exactly how your organisation would respond to a real-world attack, empowering you to take action to minimise risk. Here are some key phishing assessment benefits:

  • Understand how publicly available information about your organisation could enable an attack and take steps to reduce it
  • Measure the ability of your staff to identify phishing emails and test your incident response
  • Pinpoint where employee training is needed

Here are the different types of phishing assessments explained:

  • Email phishing assessment: An email phishing assessment sends emails to your staff that mimic real-world phishing emails. They try to trick your staff into taking an action within the email, just like a threat actor would. These emails appear the same to all your staff.
  • Spear phishing assessment: Spear phishing assessments test the ability of specific individuals to spot a phishing email. This could be your CEO or senior team. The phishing assessment will be tailored to them to make it more realistic.
  • SMiSHing assessment: This type of phishing assessment sends mock phishing text messages to your employees.

Phishing assessments measure statistics such as how many people opened the email, how many clicked a link within the email, and who divulged personal information.

It is recommended you should conduct phishing assessments on a quarterly basis. This enables you to continuously enhance your defences and measure improvement over time.

Yes. Our Organisation-wide and Spear Phishing Assessments target specific people, based on the email addresses you provide.

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