Our Secure File Exchange provides a place for you and your consultants to securely share files.

Navigate to Secure File Exchange on the menu.

The interface is divided into two, which reflects the two types of files you can share:

  • Company Files: These files will be accessible to any users you have added to the platform, as well as your consultants.
  • Private Files: These files will only be accessible to the users you specify, as well as your consultants.

To upload a file, click ‘+ Create File’ in the top right-hand corner.

You can upload files with a size of up to 20MB.

Enter a name and description for your file, and select which company you would like to share the file with from the dropdown menu. This will make it accessible to all users from the company you have selected who have access to the platform, as well as your consultants.

If you want to make it a ‘private file’, choose which specific users you want to grant access to from the ‘Share with specific user’ dropdown menu. Then click ‘Submit’.

After submitting, your file is securely uploaded and shared.

You can click ‘Filter’ in the top left-hand corner to find files by author.

Click the three-dots menu under ‘Actions’ to download a file.

Files shared by other users will be visible to you under the Private Files tab.

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