This section of the Dashboard shows you a live feed of issues, which are uploaded by your consultant in real-time.

Click the Services Button at the top of your screen to select which service to view data for.

You will receive an email alert if your consultant uploads an issue with a Critical or High risk level. Manage your Email Notifications by selecting your profile icon in the top right-hand corner; check which alerts are turned on under Notifications.

The feed is organised into four columns:

  • Risk: whether your issue is Critical’, High, Medium, or Low.
  • Issue: identifies the issue, e.g. Microsoft Windows 2000 Unsupported Installation Detection.
  • Phase: identifies which test the issue has been identified from, e.g. Website Application.
  • Affected Hosts: the number of hosts affected by the issue.

Click the threedots menu on the right-hand side of each issue and select View Issue to see all details for it.


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