Think of the Dashboard as Mission Control for your threat servicesIt provides a dynamic overview of your test results, intelligence insights, projects, and issues in one centralised interface. Here you’ll find a live feed of issues identified by your security consultant in real time, helping you remediate issues faster than ever before. 

At the top of your Dashboard, colour-coded charts give you a summary of outstanding vulnerabilities from your tests. 

The figure shows you the total number of outstanding vulnerabilities. The colours categorise the vulnerabilities by risk levelCritical (Purple); High (Red); Medium (Orange); Low (Yellow); Blue (Info); Green (Remediated or False Positive). 

Select ‘Dashboard’ on your Penetration Testing or Vulnerability Scanning chart to view a Dashboard specific to that service. 

The rest of the Dashboard shows results specific to the service you have selected, for all projects you have access to. Click the Services Button at the top of your screen to select which service to view data for. 

 As you scroll down the Dashboard, you’ll see the following: 

Click on the links above to learn more about these sections of your Dashboard.