The Projects interface alleviates the need for backandforth emails with vendors. Here, all administrative information about your projects is conveniently stored in one place. Keep track of projects in real-time; access new proposals, track your testing status, and more.

You will see a table containing all your ongoing and past projects. A project refers to an engagement, for example, an annual penetration test. We break down and deliver projects in Phases.

Your consultant will add projects and update this information for you.

For each project, you can see:

  • Job number: identifies a project; you can reference this number when speaking with your consultant.
  • Status: indicates the progress of a project (e.g. ‘In Progress’).
  • Name: the title of the project, e.g. ‘Annual Penetration Test’.
  • Company: identifies the recipient of the project.
  • Tags: customised by you; tags are labels you create to help organise your data.

Search for a specific project using the search bar.

Select a project to open more information about it.

Here, you can see all the details of your project.

You can also view a project’s Phases. The phases table shows you the name, test type, location, scheduled dates, and status of each phase of your project.

On the right-hand side, the Activity Log highlights updates made to a project by your consultant.



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