In the Assets interface, you can see all the different hardware and software being tested.

For each asset, you can see:

  • The name of the asset, for example, IP address, URL, device name, or building name
  • The corresponding phase
  • The Phase Status (e.g. Scheduled)
  • Scheduled dates for the test

Search for a specific asset using the search bar in the top left-hand corner.

Click Filter to sort data by date range or host status (e.g. Fixed Unverified). Click here to learn more about statuses.

Select an asset to view more detailed information about it.

Here, you can see information about the test carried out for the asset, for example. the project name and job number.

You can also see a table containing all the vulnerabilities associated with the asset. The table shows you the risk level, name, and Issue Status (e.g. ‘Remediated) of each vulnerability.


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